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Massage Set 3 in 1 - Includes Massage Stick, Foam Roller and Peanut Massage Ball

PREVENT INJURIES AND SPEED UP RECOVERY: This complete essential myofascial trigger point relief set contains a spiked foam roller, a muscle massage roller stick, peanut massage ball and a carry bag. These indispensable tools will banish annoying muscle knots, restore flexibility and ease tension.

SPIKED FOAM ROLLER FOR DEEPER PENETRATION: Unlike other foam rollers, ours is optimally proportioned at 44.5cm x 14cm. Being longer and wider, means no more falling off or stopping to re-adjust your position during rolling. The unique spiky design mimics the finger tips for deeper penetration into the muscles. Made from odor free premium EVA foam, it can withstand intense daily use without falling apart or losing its shape, giving your more value for your money.

MUSCLE MASSAGE STICK FLUSHES AWAY LACTIC ACID: Measuring 40cm x 4cm in length and made with a durable stainless steel core to withstand daily use without bending shape. It's ergonomic anti slip handles makes it easy to grip even with sweaty palms. This muscle massage roller stick rolls out sore muscles and flushes away lactic acid by targeting certain areas more effectively than a foamroller, such as your legs and neck. Ideal for those who require a deeper massage tool.

PEANUT MASSAGE BALL TARGETS TIGHT SPOTS WITH PRECISION: Measuring 13cm x 6cm and made from high density, odor free, premium silicone. Unlike regular massage balls, this fits smoothly around the spine to target stubborn tight spots a regular backroller simply can't reach, such as your shoulder and hips. No more taping 2 lacrosse balls together!

RELEASE MUSCLE KNOTS & TENSION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Does this come with a Money Back Guarantee? YES! Your purchase comes with a full 90 day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee. Also includes a 12 Months Replacement Warranty.

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    saeed d.
    Good item to have around

    Good make.

    Paul D.

    Nice bit of equipment I’d recommend

    Excellent product

    I love all the items and the massage stick was the best for me. I used this on my leg as it always cramps, the foam roller was excellent for my back as well as the peanut massage ball. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Top quality, top materials, top design

    100 % recommend

    Pen N.

    Great product delivered on time, very sturdy and in a very handy carry bag. Highly recommendable