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Kinesiology Tape - Medical Grade Uncut 5cm x 5m Roll - Ideal for Athletic Sports Physio Strapping and Muscle Injury & Support - Includes eGuide

Gain the edge and experience all the benefits with Mind Body Future Kinesiology Tape.

PROMOTES RAPID HEALING - Assists common injuries such as bicep pain, quad pain, hand injuries, arm pain, calf pain, hip flexor pain, heel pain, groin strain, leg injuries, bunions, SI joint, Osgood Schlatter, finger jam, foot pain, thumb pain, shoulder MCL / ACL surgery recovery, and Hoffa's syndrome. Proven to Increase blood flow to targetted locations, reducing the chance of blood clots (Haematoma), stimulates tense and stiff muscles (hypotonic muscles).

NOT PRE-CUT - When it comes to kino taping, because all of our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, we don't believe in a one size fits all. Reduce wastage and cut your tape to the exact fit you require. Ideal for use with children.

LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH PERFORMANCE - Lets your skin breath and sweat. Unlike traditional bulky supports, splints and braces, ours is not visible under your clothes and you may even forget you're wearing it!

GUARANTEE - You risk absolutely nothing. Our Kinesiology Tape is backed by an unconditional 100% 90 day no-risk, no-nonsense money back guarantee.

Grab yours today from exclusively.

Light Blue (1 Pack)
Black (1 Pack)
Red (1 Pack)
Beige/Skin (1 Pack)
White (1 Pack)
Pink (1 Pack)
Camo Blue (1 Pack)
Camo Pink (1 Pack)
Camo Green (1 Pack)
Black (2 Pack)
Light Blue (2 Pack)
Red (2 Pack)
Pink (2 Pack)
Camo Blue (2 Pack)
White (2 Pack)
Yellow (1 Pack)
Green (1 Pack)
Purple (1 Pack)
Orange (1 Pack)
Camo Black (1 Pack)
Camo Land (1 Pack)
Black (3 Pack)
Light Blue (3 Pack)
Beige/Skin (3 Pack)
Camo Pink (3 Pack)
Camo Black (3 Pack)
Purple (3 Pack)
Pink (3 Pack)
Black (Bulk Roll)
Beige (Bulk Roll)
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    Amazon C.
    Very good tape and great value for money.

    Very good tape, really helped me with my injury. Comes off after a few showers and workouts but that’s normal. Don’t listen to all the bad comments about rashes and all the rubbish they’re talking about. They have no clue! Take it off as soon as it becomes itchy.

    Kindle C.
    Great product

    Ordered the tape as my husband had a back injury. It was easy to put on and helped him with his injury.


    Good tape, not very water proof as came of in the shower

    Keeps the diabetic sugar level monitor securely in place

    My husband is a type 1 diabetic and has just been provided the blood sugar level monitor to wear on his arm as an alternate to pricking fingers and testing for sugar levels in his blood. Given the nature of his job as a tree surgeon and landscape gardener, it could be easily dislodged so he was looking for something to hold it in place. This does an excellent job. In order to stop it pulling directly on the monitor and for easy removal, he pops a cottonwool pad directly over the top of the monitor, then secures using 2 strips of this tape in a cross formation. It lasts for several days and the machine to read the levels works with no issue. Now to order some more.......

    Great for strains and gives excellent support

    Excellent support tape. fast delivery. Would recommend